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We want to give more people access to Faith in Christ by updating our current facility to a modernized worship center for spiritual growth and outreach.

This State-Of-The-Art Worship Center will give us the ability to:

  • Increase our worship experience, by elevating our media and production

  • Launch The Park E-Church

  • Meet the needs of the children, teens, and youth

  • Provide additional space to engage and serve our community effectively 


We want to expand our campus to include The Park Youth Center.   We aim to partner with families to build a foundation of faith in Christ for the next generation of youth.  Our goal is to cultivate authentic relationships and provide engaging experiences for children and teens that bring God's story to life.  We want to offer a safe, loving, and fun environment for all children.  Our purpose of nurturing children is in body, mind, and spirit. We do this so they, like Jesus, will grow in wisdom, stature and favor with both God and man. (Luke 2:52)


We want to be known as a church that loves our community through action.  It's not just going to be about us and our church.  It's about you and our community!  We believe it is more of a blessing to give, than to receive. (Acts 20:35)    We want to live out this principle by finding ways to partner with local organizations to bring hope to our city and make an recognizable difference.  As the Park Church has experienced organic growth it is our desire to continue to stretch our Church outreach and resources.


We want to create an online worship experience.  When Jesus issued the Great Commission, he said to go into all the world (Matthew 28:18–20).   God wants us to meet people where they are and we know that is online.  We want to make our presence bigger and show up on every platform available to us.  We will do this by launching The Park E-Church and The Park App.


"It is more blessed to give than to receive." - Acts 20:35 NIV


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Join us for devotion

Monday - Friday at 7AM 


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Pledge to give with us during stretch year, you get to give to build the Kingdom of God. 

Church Interior


Worship with us every Sunday at 10AM in the building.

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